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Cheat Sheet-Hashtags and Usernames (with Monetization Strategies)

Cheat Sheet-Hashtags and Usernames (with Monetization Strategies)

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One of the most basic and easiest ways to go viral via Instagram is by using hashtags. But did you know that you can make money with it as well?


Niche : Business , Motivational


What you'll get in this sheet:

How to select your username

The words you should include in your username

How long should you keep your username

How to make money with Hashtags

Hashtag Research

Getting to know your Instagram Limits

The different categories of hashtags with different impressions and different reach.

The perfect mix of hashtags from each category best suited for your needs.

Which Hashtags you should use.

The maximum number of Hashtags you should use in order to avoid getting action blocked / considered spam by Instagram.

The optimisation of Hashtags.


What we PROMISE :

If you follow the cheat sheet a 100% we promise you that on a public profile your reach will increase organically without any shoutouts or promotions. You can make money as well as find customers using the techniques provided in our Hashtag Cheat Sheet.



We can not promise you any gauranteed number of impressions. Because hashtags act as a catalyst to going viral and aren't the main source of it. If you have good content the right hashtags will definitely help you in going viral but if your content isn't as good then it's difficult.


If you want we can create good viral content just for you just Click Here.


We've had customers whose posts have reached millions of people using our cheat sheet. And you too can do so with the combination of right strategies.


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